Friday, May 16, 2014

Posted by Premier Building Supply, Co. On 8:41 AM
As far as construction materials are concerned, the use of plastic is fairly recent. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), for instance, was developed during the 1930s, but only saw widespread use about twenty years later. That said, this doesn’t mean that HDPE is an unproven material. Indeed, many construction contractors are starting to favor this type of plastic for their projects due to various reasons.
One of them is that HDPE has a very high resistance to bases, acids, and alcohols. In the commercial world, this means that HDPE is excellent for storing chemicals, beverages, and different types of solid food. In the construction industry, this means that HDPE can adapt to various kinds of paints, lubricants, and oils, making it a very resilient material.
This high resistance to different compounds also gives HDPE added toughness and tensile strength. Another reason why HDPE is favored by construction contractors is that it is very light and convenient to use. What’s more, HDPE is actually an eco-friendly material because it is absolutely recyclable.

However, builders may want to keep in mind that unlike other materials, HDPE has a much lower tolerance to temperature extremes. In addition, glues and adhesives are not recommended for HDPE planks and boards, partly because of the material’s resistance to chemicals, so instead they require mechanical bonding techniques, like welding.


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